Experience the Artform of Therapeutic THAI MASSAGE

It's roots come from principals of yoga and buddhist spiritual practice. Its rhythmic acupressure application is theraputic for the body, releasing toxins and free radicals in the system. Working the sen (meridian lines) and through a few simple "yoga" position, you get a nice deep stretch of the limbs, particularly hips area, opening and relaxing joints and muscles, which brings you to a meditative and deep harmonic balance and healing. This modelity is very much like shiatsu. Essential oils are used for opening and closing massage. Works done on the mat. Wear lose comfortable yoga gear. You'll feel alive and move with ease.


thaim massage for men and women

Benefits of Thai Massage Therapy:

• Release of emotional and physical tension
• Reduction of chronic pain
• Improved sleep
• Relief from sore muscles
• Free blocked energy flow
• Greater flexibility
• Improved body and mind awareness
• Enhance eliminate of waste and toxin
• Improve blood and lymphatic circulation

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Floor Work - (Bring yoga wear or comfortable clothing)

This type of massage is done fully clothed. The massage therapist uses body weight, while appling acupressure with fingers, thumbs, hands, knees, legs and feet, with stretching exercises. Thai massage is enganged with both the giver and the receiver. The treatment is done on the floor mat.

The aim is for the receiver to attain harmonious energy throughout the body. This is achieved through the use of acupressure and gentle muscle compressions along sen/meridian lines, which unblocks the flow of energy and restores balance to the body, increase circulation of blood flow and eliminate the toxins that cause pain and illness to the body.

Thai Massage is excellent for athlete's, yogis, or people who don't work out much and want to remove stagnant energy from the body and want to feel energized without much exercise. Thai Massage allows the client's body to be passive during stretches, loosen muscles, open joints and move energy that even the most physically active people can't do without assistance.