Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia.Trigger point techniques are applied to help break-up built-up of harden plaque in the tissue. Experience Full Hour. The pressure is more intense than swedish massage. Japanese energy techniques and strong pressure is applied to deeper tissue areas in the body for pain relief.


Geared for sports minded people with strong focus on muscles stressed from repetitive and aggressive movement. Improves hip-flexors ROM and shoulder soreness.


In swedish massage gentle soft strokes are used to increases circulation and remove toxins from muscles. The therapist uses firm but gentle pressure to reduce friction, to compress and relax muscles and tendons, leaving muscles supple and flexible. Swedish Massage is an excellent way to help rid the body of tension and to achieve a sense of overall well-being. Beautiful, healing and up-lifting.


You dont want to miss this! The use of hot stones was introduced by Mary Nelson as a technique, called LaStone Therapy, since, hot stone massage has been very popular through the country. The stones are immersed in water and heated in a hot stone warmer until they are within a certain temperature range. Lushes, hand picked ocean rocks in various shape and size stones are placed on specific points on the back, on the palms of the hand and between the toes. The heat relaxes the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.


The general public doesn't know there are over 7,000 nerve endings on the feet. Foot Reflexology is a gentle and delightful touch, hands-on energy bodywork that stimulate the nerve endings as a way to communicate to the rest of the body. Massage and Reflexology is NOT the same thing. Reflexology is not a foot rub, nor a foot soak and Swedish and Sports massage techniques to the foot will not treat the symptom. There is a formula that's used to treat pain and pathologies of the body. That's the difference! Toe2Heal is focused on treating you with clinical reflexology for your whole being, over-all wellness, and you can receive massage with 30 minute foot reflexology. Address the issue, don't just get a foot rub, get the real expert!


Similar to the map on the feet, we also have reflex points on the ears and hands. Gemstone Reflexology is alot like acupuncture except crystals are used instead of needles. The crystals have a point design to them, that are gentle and immediate healing energy effect is experienced, that stimulate the nerve endings as a way to communicate to the pain in the body. Light pressure is applied to the reflexes, and releases tension, pain and congestion that one's body may be holding. You will experience immediate relaxation and stress reduction.


Know as an ancient Japanese form of energy healing and known as the universal life force energy used as a healing therapy to bring about emotional wholeness, for release of unwanted negative energy that plaque one on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Opens-up the bodies chakras (chi), to release blockages and recharge your energy to move into a lighter space throughout the mind, body and spirit.


It's roots come from principals of yoga and buddhist spiritual practice. Its rhythmic acupressure application is theraputic for the body, releasing toxins and free radicals in the system. Working the sen (meridian lines) and through a few simple "yoga" position, you get a nice deep stretch of the limbs, particularly hips area, opening and relaxing joints and muscles, which brings you to a meditative and deep harmonic balance and healing. This modelity is very much like shiatsu. Essential oils are used for opening and closing massage. Works done on the mat. Wear lose comfortable yoga gear. You'll feel alive and move with ease.


Promotes incredible power of the mind. Can help with anxiety, stress and mood swings. Meditation commentaries are used during the meditation to give us a deeper level of understanding our mind, empowering our thoughts and to experience profound inner peace. Meditation is held every Monday 12:30-1:00pm Suggested Donation $5. Monthly retreats 1st sunday of the month $27.


The best way to heal the body is through the use of color in the system. Every food has an energy frequency and color hue to it. Find out what you can do to heal your body through the power of color, maintain good health, lose weight natruly and keep it off. Take the color test. Includes 30 minutes of reflexology.


Corresponding Crystals are placed along the chakras to draw-out un-wanted energies and bring balance to chakras. Removing blockages and restoring the body back to its natural state.
Color visualization and reiki are used to enhance the treatment. Let's work on what you want to improve and get back to living life to the fullest.




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