Service with a smile Affects Wellness

A La Carte Massage is healing Bostonians with massage and bodywork. You will love the massage it's very up-lifting, rejuvenating and soothing.
All her sessions are customized to work with each individual client's needs. Find release from tension and stress; to maintain good health;
maintain flexibility in joints; find relief from frozen shoulders, lymphedema, manage chronic pain. Book your appointment on-line from
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Massage and Reflexology workshops, Aromatherapy Facial Massage, Thai Massage to Foot Reflexology.
There are more than 250 variations of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies and many practitioners utilize multiple techniques.



For the Love of Art FINE ART & CREATIVITY
The art gallery space is used simultaneously during the week for massage and open during on the weekends. You will enjoy the massage as well as the paintings.
When the business first opened in 2011 there were many events happening in the neighborhood and it was decided to create The Hidden Art Gallery and expand the
store front to the public during the hidden garden's in Beacon Hill run by the Garden Club and open during the beacon hill art walk.
Zoe was a former participant of that major event and since Covid shut most of that off, however the gallery remains open Saturdays 12-4pm. Art classes are available via Zoom or in person. Stop in and visit the gallery and enjoy your massage in the gallery. Visit www.thehiddenartgallery.com for more info,


















Miracles Do Happen!

"Thanks to Zoe I was able to get my balance back and walk again.
My right leg was locked for an entire week, it couldn't take the weight of my body and I was not able to straighten it so
I was stranded, having to use a wheelchair or crutches.

Zoe worked on me and did not give up for a 2.5 hour sports massage session.

Ever since, I have been able to get my balance, walk and ride my bike again.

I am filled with gratitude for Zoe's expertise. She is personable and
intuitive, she was able to help me in ways no one else could. The healing that came through her hands is amazing."

—Véronique-Anne Epiter

A La Carte Massage by Toe2Heal  is Located right by MGH in store front in Beacon Hill. It is an amazing oasis of massage and healing.
I dropped in for an hour Swedish massage that combined excellent bodywork. Sound far out there? Only the exceptional practices
will bring you this kind of relief and relaxation. Try it if you don't believe me. You are researching good massage anyway if
you're reading this review - and this is as good as if gets.

I almost always get deep tissue massage but Zoe tailored our session to include some trigger point massage,
so I got the relaxation from the longer, flowy strokes as well as actual knots in my neck that were attended to.

I highly recommend splurging and having one of the best massages of your life by Zoe. If you've had massage before,
you'll recognize immediately the quality of her work.

—Lara W.
Berkeley, CA

Zoe is a master at the art of massage with a delightful, happy personality.  I felt incredible when I left, like I was floating on air.
She really goes the extra mile and gives a massage exactly how she would like one.  She is a pro with a profound lightness
about her that will leave you feeling balanced and whole.

—Diane M.
Watertown, MA

Zoe is awesome. She does a great job every time I book an appointment with her. I leave feeling well rested, relaxed and ready
to take on the world. Best in boston hands down. Booking is so easy with her online appointment book,
just sign in and pick your time.

—Glen M.
Atlanta, GA

I visited Toe2Heal for neck and shoulder pain, Zoe was able to help me with trigger points and ear reflexology with aromatherapy.
I feel relaxed, and have less pain. Service was friendly and generous and will be back next week.
—Maria M.
Boston MA

I visited Boston on a work trip and found this Massage business to be one of the best I have experienced in years!  
Zoe is a wonderful person and very talented at massage.

I enjoyed the Thai Massage and Reflexology services and both exceeded any expectations I had.  
I experienced immediate relief from any stress and pain that I was feeling.  Her energy and professionalism was
enjoyable and I will certainly use her services again each time I am back in Boston.

Thank you Zoe!

—Pasha K.
Alliance, NE


I've been going to Zoe at Toe2Heal for chair massage with ear reflexology and found relief from migraines and headaches.

I used to get awful migraines three times a week and it would really hinder my day to day life. After going to see Zoe
for a few months slowly I started feeling healthier, and the migraines have all but disappeared. If you're having any issues,
go to her, let her know what it is and she will fix you up!

—Matt M.
Attleboro, MA


This is the place to try for reflexology and Reiki. I have never been so relaxed and I go home relaxed for days.
I hear she is doing massages now, I will have to check that out too.

—Debbie B.
Bridgewater, MA


Great, lovely small place with beautiful artwork. She was very friendly and personable. The place was very small
but it came across private and exclusive. I bought this as a present for my boyfriend, he has a lot of back pain
and she really helped. Very knowledgeable and totally worth the cost. He felt great and could definitely use
a few more sessions.

—Julia S.
Boston, MA 9/15/2012

Zoe at Toe2Heal is a true healer with her hands. She listens to the clients' needs and delivers. I had regular sessions
of reflexology on my poor plantar fasciitis feet which was completely gone by the time my 10 week package was over.
I also enjoyed a few thai massage sessions. I also was on a path towards weight loss and I can say her work was
a large part of my 75 pound weight loss journey to which I have maintained. She is sensitive to the needs of
the client in the moment and I enjoyed her ability to improvise in the moment to find exactly what it is I needed.
I am grateful I stumbled upon her and I highly recommend her services.

—Mindy H. (Boston, MA)

Zoe is an extremely well trained professional and has a great knowledge of her healing art.

I am so much thankful for her meticulous care.

—Dr. Apostolos Paraskevas











The room is large, filled with great light, energy and beautiful art.
The storefront is tucked away from the city life and the
paintings displayed are for sale in the art gallery.


"For a year, I had a pain on my neck, and I kept hoping it would go away on it's own, but it didn't. Until I had a massage with Zoe. In one session It was gone!"

"Michael D."  Boston 2014