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A La Carte by Toe2Heal is healing Bostonians with massage and bodywork. You will love the massage. Zoe is personable and has a healing,
up-lifting, soulful touch. She implements aromatherapy, light and color healling throughout her bodywork with the use of crystals.
All her sessions are customizes to work with each individual client's needs. Individuals, marathon runners, atheletes, new moms and
travelers from all over are motivated to seek Zoe's healing touch; to find release from tension and stress; to maintain good health;
maintain flexibility in joints; find relief from frozen shoulders, lymphedema, manage chronic pain. Book your appointment on-line Now!

Zoe is gifted with expert talents, technique and intuitive healing. Her sessions are never hurried, are personable and professional. Se habla español


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The space is quaint, cozy and welcoming. Tucked away from the city life, great energy and the room is beautiful. The paintings on
the wall are for sale.

"For a year, I had a pain on my neck, and I kept hoping it would go away on it's own, but it didn't. Until I had a massage with Zoe. In one session It was gone!"

"Michael D."  Boston 2014





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Zoe is an artist, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Herbalist, Reflexologist, Thai Massage and Reiki Practitioner. Having visited India over the past 9 years on spiritual pilgrimages, she found her niche, through inner guidance, and decided to work with her hands as a professional bodyworker.

Zoe has always been keen about her health and overall wellness. Besides massage, she's intrigued with the powers of aromatherapy, nutrition color healing, light energy healing, crystals reiki and chakra balancing. She is passionate about her work and enjoys working with her hands. She is interested in learning everything she can to allow others to take part in their recovery process and tune into their own bodies. Since the last 14 years, she's been vigilant in keeping up with her spiritual development and growth to find balance with her healing work, everyday life and her artistic expression. She's ever-ready and continues her studies to further extend her healing technique to clients and help people achieve peace of mind.

Her goal is to help as many people possible find balance in their lives. You can register for workshops and classes on-line under schedule now.

You can book services that are appealing, healing, speak to you and join her for meditation on Mondays 12:30-1:00pm.

She contributes to several causes she believes can support others.

You now can register for workshops and classes on-line under schedule now. You can book services that are appealing to you and join her for meditation on Mondays 12:30-1:00pm.

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Zoe has good bed side manners, is attentive to clients needs and is a good listener. People love her and want to see her often. They say she is the best massage therapist they have ever worked with. All sessions are private and are one on one.

Forever Grateful!